Wel Come To JHDTCS

JHDTCS is a software development company full of highly motivated and highly technically skilled team for Internet-based information services.

We provide services for wireless devices such as mobile phones and Internet enabled PDAs and Java enabled mobile Phones. Our mobile based software is compatibility for mobile devices spans a wide range of devices and networks, and we have cultivated strategic partnerships with major players in this field.

Our website development team provides services to extranet web-based solutions to promote the communication within and outside the organization. Our team has developed wide range of e-commerce and other internet based solutions. These solutions are dynamic, rapid and carefully analyzed and internet based product development and services in graphics designing. JHD team of implementation experts in enterprise application makes your life easier by molding processes to bring it to the standards without much change management.
 Mobile Solutions
People would be accessing information more on handheld devices as compared to conventional access on PC. For such a scenario, if you do not have presence in the mobile Internet market, you can yourself judge what that means to your business...
 Network Solutions
Networking & Internet enables industries to improve essential business processes, interlinking customers, employees and associates. The performance of a Networked infrastructure directly affects the end user experience...
 Enterprise Solutions
JBolt   is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning System designed specifically for the needs of Engineering Manufacturing industries.
There are parametric controls available in the form of System Control through which JBolt can be changed to suit individual organization needs...
 Web Solutions
Any visual or written communication about a company is a valuable marketing tool that should fit seamlessly into a company's image and promotional efforts. We work with each of our clients to ensure that what we do is in line with their business plan and marketing strategy...